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Client : Jammu and Kashmir State Taxes Department

J&K Income Tax Dept


State Taxes Department, Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir is a major contributor to the Tax Revenues collected by the UT Government. Nearly 60% of the Tax Revenue received by the UT Government is collected by this Department. This Department manages complete tax administration with dealer base of over 97,000 plus taxpayers under Goods & Services Tax (GST)/ apart from administering other important acts like Motor Spirit, and Diesel Oil Act (MST).

The State Taxes Department, Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir called a RFP for Selection of Vendor for NOC/Data Centre Operations, Management and Maintenance.
The Department had a “Hub and Spoke” MPLS Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity, with NOC as the Hub and all other offices as spoke.
The objective of the project was to operate, manage and maintain State Taxes Department Data Centre at Excise & Taxation Complex, Panama Chowk, Jammu which is a part of MPLS based Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity across the UnionTerritory.


The State Taxes Department, Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir was pleased to allot the work of NOC/ Data Centre operations , Maintenance and Management to Rooman Technologies Pvt Ltd. The Master service agreement was signed between The State Taxes Department, Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir and Rooman Technologies pvt limited. The department’s various systems and assets are being operated and maintained by Rooman Technologies.

Rooman has deployed the required manpower for the day to day maintenance of all the equipment and their components installed in the Data Centre (DC), Onsite support for NOC/Data Centre Infrastructure Operations round the clock on 24x7x365 basis , Proactive, reactive maintenance, repair and replacement of defective components which is installed in DC and Day to day operation such as system routine health check-up, continuous monitoring, cleaning, preventive maintenance.
The project is successfully being maintained and both the parties are happy with each other.

Note : All the above names and logos belong to the respective owners , ITSD is a subsidiary of Rooman Technologies and the services and solutions have been provided by Rooman and mentioned here for references only.

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