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Fleet Management

Fleet Management​

IoT in fleet management allows the fleet operators to automate various processes and trip planning…. Based on the gathered data about the route, traffic, vehicle speed, number of passengers etc., these systems generate alerts and display messages that help the passengers in planning their routes and journeys.

Software programs that gather data from the vehicle location devices enable you to pinpoint the vehicle’s exact location. A well-known and good example of the most common vehicle tracking system would be GPS

Use of telematics systems to improve fleet safety. Receive speeding reports and use this information to improve driver performance and road safety for your fleet of vehicles.

Feature of Fleet Management:

  • Real-time location monitoring of your fleet.
  • Collect data from vehicle’s performance like fuel and mileage.
  • Connect, manage and secure data to dashboard, smartphone or desktop.
  • Track traffic conditions on road.
  • Route management.
  • Time management.

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