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Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset tracking refers to tracking with the help of mobile and sensors embedded in vehicles, assets, and employees. Through IoT-based equipment and capital asset-tracking solutions, you can know the location, status, and operating performance of assets across your operations in real-time through mobile devices. This will help you better monitor equipment, track inventory, service equipment, and improve staff efficiency.

The advanced digital capability also allows assets to be tracked and monitored remotely. As companies improve their means to capture asset use, managers and employees can begin benefiting from real-time operational insights to improve agility and use better.

We Rooman are partners with leading global sensor based companies and we have the expertise in integrating the IoT based sensors with our application based on the need of the customers.
Features of Asset Management:

  • Proactively identify assets for acquisition / deployments / return removal
  • Proactive resolution of incidents based on consolidated asset and incident information.
  • Improve asset utilization and productivity.
  • Minimize equipment rental costs.
  • Reduce loss due to theft or misplacement.
  • Adherence to the safety standards related to the equipment operations thereby reducing accidents.
  • Automated discovery of on-site and off-site assets.
  • Standard report.

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