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Managed Network Services


Rooman’s Network Managed Service is designed to take the stress out of dealing with the complexities of network virtualization, consolidation, and the convergence of disparate network technologies.

Rooman’s Managed Network Services helps enterprises meet their technical and commercial requirements. It helps boost your wide area networks (WAN), increasing agility and reducing cost and complexity. This service helps reduce downtime, simplify management and increase network capacity.

With over two decades of experience in managing networks and customer’s IT infrastructure. Rooman along with its partners tools come together to deliver on every aspect of network monitoring and management at the exactly the speed you want. With our focus on user experience, productivity and cost control, our services are built with reusable automation use cases in process and technical task executions, analytics for insightful inferences and best-in-class tools integration for performance measurement vis-à-vis user experience.

Managed Services for Enterprise Networks are underpinned by our consistent investment in skilled technical resources and ITIL-aligned infrastructure management tools and processes. The service is delivered and supported by our partner delivery Centers together with experienced local resources ensuring consistent achievement of contractual commitments rendering Business continuity /Disaster Recovery compliant services across every dimension of the network infrastructure—Branch/Campus LAN & Wi-Fi, WAN, Data Center and Cloud.

With these services, you can leverage the advantages of our expertise, investment and global presence. Realizing the benefits of increased cost-efficiency, predictability, and repeatability while retaining near real-time management insight.

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