iBMP - External Portal (Customer & Supplier)

External Portal (Customer And Supplier)

Rooman BizNext external portal is designed to accelerate the flow of information between company and suppliers/customers. The intent of the supplier portal is to engage the suppliers in activities such as invoice submission, PO delivery, Payment Information, Compliances etc. which eventually reduces the turnaround time. The customer portal is designed to extend the customer support for resolving the issues promptly.

Rooman BizNext offer the solution on web based platform where suppliers and customers can register in order to access the portal. The registered members are able to access information in real time. The portal allows the customers to track down updates related to due payments, generate sale return challan, monitor their account statements, generate sales orders and also check status of already-generated orders. The Suppliers, on other hand, get purchase order view and update privileges. They also have option to upload material dispatch information and get an update on receiving at company warehouse.

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